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Resetting Youth Sports - Calling All Moms!

            I’ve got a radical idea to help “reset” Youth Sports, following this Covid19 pandemic!   I don’t think of it as “revolutionary” however, is “evolutionary!”   Some will say it’s not radical at all, nor should I have chosen “moms.”   My choice was intentional, because of the visceral connection that most of us share with the word (or, uh...person) we know as MOM.   Besides, when you turn the word MOM upside-down, you have the word WOW!   What could be more fitting!             I do recognize, however, that my proposal (which follows) would be dependent on women in general and not solely the population of moms.   Before I reveal the proposal, I must share a story that became the catalyst for this idea...please read on!             In the Conclusion of his book, Staring Down the Wolf , author and former Navy Seal Mark Divine recounts a conversation with Australian special ops warrior turned philanthropist, Damien Mander.   After leaving the Service, Mander ve